Poetry in the Park – budding poets young and old are invited to send in their poems to be published each month in our park noticeboards and on our website. Send to:- info@friendsofchasepark.co.uk

April entry:

April Poems & Robin Photograph

by Christopher Kitchen

I go to the park the birds to feed

And from the bushes the robins do come.

They sit on my hand and eat their seed

While the great tit sits looking on.

When they’ve had their fill out come the rest,

The blackbirds, tits and the jays.

They love to feast on the seed on the floor

And they know to come back for more.

Cos day after day I’ll sit taking pics

As they enjoy breakfast amoure.

It’s funny to see how things change.

Birds suddenly find their own food,

But at the same time bushes do bloom

And the park is how we want it to look.

Chase Park volunteers do wonderful things:-

Flower beds, borders, weeding and stuff.

Families using the swings,

Tennis, basketball and bowls.

We’ll never know how lucky we are, cos Chase Park is ours,


And to the volunteers,

Thank you sincerely.


Do Your Bit! by Ollie, aged 10

One day will be your last play

So this is what I have to say:-

One day this beautiful place will be gone,

Our home

Our planet

Our generation.

So let’s save this wonderful creation

Let’s do our bit as a Nation.

So spread this word,

And do your bit

While old people sit and knit.

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