Poetry in the Park

March entry:

Welcoming Spring

As I sit relaxing in my new garden seat body slumped in comfort, head bowed towards my feet. Deep in thought, drowsily recalling other fine days when walking hand-in-hand with my partner, along public by-ways. Looking around, intent on drinking in the lie of the land admiring set-out gardens which look neat and ever so grand.

Spring is such a wonderful season, proclaiming its gifted powers to enliven the rapid growth of fauna, trees and flowers engendering a joyous feeling of internal human elation encouraging folk to activate themselves, whilst showing appreciation. Looking at the hedgerows with their stalks, greenery and shoots blossoms struggling to emerge, greedily soaking moisture from the roots. Suddenly, a flock of birds descend to partake of buds and seeds hungrily seeking out insects, most suited to their needs.

We are indeed lucky to watch the cycle of the seasons agreeably accepted by most, for their own personal reasons. Welcoming Summer, as the culmination of nature’s production later accepting Winter as nature’s recovery, of new growth induction.

Hamish 20/03/21

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