Poetry in the Park

My friend
You stand in the corner, staring at me.
Ignore you, I’d love to, but impossible, as I see
Your black exterior in perfect alignment,
Reflecting in the midday sun.
You speak in a thousand tongues,
Can’t believe your descriptive words
Which show me life in other worlds,
Other worlds of famine, fires, droughts and tsunamis
There are many sides to you; gentle, compassionate as
Your friends speak of love or adventures; this I enjoy,
Now you transgress and shift to abhorrent ideologies,
Recounting wars, murder, rape, torture, atrocities.
Reality kicks in, do I believe all I see, all I hear; No!
Fake news from Presidents, politicians, social media,
I watch your plastic exterior and illuminated display,
Enough I think, as I press the button; back to reality.
2021 TV – 50 inch screen. Cost £500-£2,000
Early 1939 TV – 14 inch screen. Cost £300 Cecilia Whickham & District u3a

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